I am a Data Scientist working under Dr. Brenda Curtis in the Technology and Translational Research Unit. I received my PhD in Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania working under H. Andrew Schwartz and Lyle Ungar. My primary research interest is community centered NLP: developing geo-spatial NLP methods to measure relationships between individuals and their communities using social media language. I'm also interested in machine learning applications to substance use and recovery.

Finally, I am a father, a first generation / low income (FGLI) student, and a community college graduate. Please reach out if you'd like to talk about similar PhD experiences.

sgiorgi (at) sas (dot) upenn (dot) edu


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* equal contribution


Black Lives Matter Twitter Corpus
A data set of 41.8 million tweets from 10 million users which contain one of the following keywords: BlackLivesMatter, AllLivesMatter and BlueLivesMatter.
Regional Personality Estimates
Twitter-based estimates of personality (openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism) for 2,000 U.S. counties.
County Tweet Lexical Bank
County level word and topic loading derived from a 10% Twitter sample from 2009-2015. Anonymized linguistic features extracted from over 1.5 billion English U.S County mapped tweets.


Differential Language Analysis ToolKit (DLATK)
DLATK is an end to end human text analysis package, specifically suited for social media and social scientific applications. It is written in Python 3 and developed by the World Well-Being Project at the University of Pennsylvania and Stony Brook University.
R package for transforming text to state-of-the-art word embeddings that are ready to be used for downstream tasks.
County Interpolation
Web interface for interpolating spatial data via Gaussian Processes.